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Probably Written Early in 1837

Source: MECW Volume 2">


Probably Written Early in 1837

Source: MECW Volume 2, p. 555
First published: Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Bd. 2, 1930;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden;

1. Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only son,
O step down from Thy heavenly throne And save my soul for me.
Come down in all Thy blessedness, Light of Thy Father’s holiness,
Grant that I may choose Thee.
Lovely, splendid without sorrow is the
      joy with which we raise,
Saviour, unto Thee our praise.

2. And when I draw my dying breath
And must endure the pangs of death,
Firm to Thee may I hold;
That when my eyes with dark are filled
And when my beating heart is stilled,
In Thee shall I grow cold.
Up in Heaven shall my spirit praise
       Thy name eternally,
Since it lieth safe in Thee.

3. O were the time of joy but nigh
When from Thy loving bosom I
Might draw new life that warms.
And then, O God, with thanks to Thee,
Shall I embrace those dear to me
Forever in my arms.
Ever, ever, ever-living, Thee abiding to behold
Shall my life anew unfold.

Thou camest Humankind to free
From death and ill, that there might be
Blessings and fortune everywhere.
And now with this, Thy new descent,
On Earth all shall be different;
To each man shalt Thou give his share.